A lot of aspiring weight lifters want to have big muscular and brawny bodies and that is why they are always on the quest of finding the perfect weight lifting workout regime which would be ideal for them in order to achieve the target they are aiming for. The two most desired results of weight lifters are to have chiseled abs and big muscles and these aren’t very easy to accomplish either. They require spot on workout program related to weight lifting. It is an open secret that in order to have big muscles one must eat right and use a majority of one’s energy on lifting weights instead of cardio-based exercises. This way one will get the muscles. However in order to get the cut one is supposed to cut down on food and do cardio workouts! So it isn’t really possible to get cut and big muscles if one does not maintain the right eating habits and workout routine. Hence one should be successful in striking the right balance between the two.

One of the many general rules relating to this subject is to increase one’s calories. Of course one cannot get big by not eating enough, so in order to have a ‘hulk-like’ body you should increase your protein and calories intake. You need to eat just the right amount, do not overeat because that will lead to obesity. So you can experiment and see which combinations of foods allow you to gain the muscle you require without putting on any unwanted fat. Most people generally cut down on their carbs, eat very less amount of fats and stock up on their proteins. However to each his own, you can choose whatever diet works best for you.

The second rule is to lift heavy. Of course weight lifting is never complete without the lifting of weights, so try to lift relatively heavy until a point where you achieve muscular failure. This is what you need to do in order to build some good-looking muscles.

Now the big question generally is “Should I do cardio workouts or not? Well if you are eating and lifting heavy then you do need to do cardio exercises in order to get a brawny body quickly. Additionally you also prevent fats from getting stored in your body with cardio exercises. However you should keep in mind that you should perform cardio moderately and not more than 45 minutes because that will lead to major muscle breakdown.

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