Anavar has the following major points: it is generally described as a mild anabolic steroid not too toxic or very androgenic and it is quite mild on the Hypothalamic Testicular Pituitary Axis -HPTA of the body. Recently there has been a rumor from the gym as well as conjectures from the internet leading to some misconceptions on this steroid.

The compound contained in the anavar is one of the rare steroids that do not initiate a premature closure of the epiphyseal growth plates hence not causing an early stunt in growth in children. This is the reason this compound- oxandrolone- is generally administered to children for growth stimulation and the prevention of osteoporosis in women. The minute virilization symptoms shown by oxandrolone is the feature that makes it a preferred remedy for athletics particularly women; there are very rare cases of masculine symptoms observed. Oxandrolone is known to be mild on the liver. It might possibly be the mildest steroid for oral indication available today. Most men can easily tolerate dosages up to 80mgs per day and some of the side effects associated with other steroids are not usually found on the anavar steroid profile. This is why the anavar is often the most preferred among most female bodybuilders as well as other athletes.

Power lifters as well as bodybuilders use the anavar for three major reasons as follows:

  1. It is good for the gain of strength by the stimulation of the phosphocreatine synthesis found in the cellular muscle and without the deposition of fluid at the muscles and joints. Power lifters not desirous of being in a higher class of weight often take advantage of quality of the anavar since they can get the needed strength yet not adding body weight. There a number of other additives that can enhance the performance of the anavar aided by the compound oxandrolone. Some of these include: halotestin, Clenbuterol, Dianabol, Testoviron Depot and Deca-Durabolin. Some of them combine to produce muscle hardness while others promote aggressiveness that accelerates work outs.
  2. The compound oxandrolone in the anavar steroid profile in any dosage whatever does not aromatize.  This is one of the very rare steroids with this characteristics and it provides the athlete with numerous advantages. The muscles do not show an obvious watery appearance which is characteristics of most steroids therefore it makes preparation for competition interesting for the athletes.  The Oxandrolone is not a fat breaking compound but it has a vital role in causing the suppression of the appetite of the athletes.  The oxandrolone is also very effective for athletes having cases of high blood pressure or athlete who develop the condition gynecomastia affecting the thymus glands. Athletes with signs of low health condition can take the oxandrolone as good welcome androgenic steroid
  3. The high dosage recommended for the intake of this steroid does not affect the production of the body’s testosterone. Clearly stating, Oxandrolone is not a suppressant for the body hormone production. This means that there is no negative feedback mechanism on the testicular axis which implies that there is no testes signal to stop or reduce the production of GnRH.

The Dosage Recommendation

As a result of the anavar steroid profile for mildness, the dosage for anavar is needed in high amount. It has a reasonable blend with the AR however it is still needed in high dosage. It is recommended that not to do less than 20mgs per day. Indeed, a range of 20 to 80mgs are required to resume stoppage of flesh loss related to  AIDS as well as in the weight recovering for individuals in burns accident. If you really want to use the anavar steroid, a dosage less than the range of 20 to 100mgs would not yield need result and might even be a waste. For women, the range of 2.5 to 10mgs per day should be appropriate. With this compound, virilation is not an issue, since anaver is only quite a mild androgenic. It also has no issue with water retention. In clear terms: 8 to 10 tablets recommended for men while 5 to 6 tablets for women taken 2 -3 times a day for both men and women. A more clinical advice is to consider taking 0.125mg/pound of your body mass on daily basis for best results.

The anavar steroid profile specifies it an oral indication. It has also been alpha-alkylated in order for it to survive its oral usage hence passing through the liver first. The chemical configuration of the anaver steroid profile still makes it relatively mild in this description as well. Both constituents make it a resistant to the metabolism of the live and to produce visible anabolic activity. According to Steroidsa, anavar shows high effects of hepatotoxicity which can lead to liver damage with prolonged usage. The steroid has also been successfully used in certain studies for the cure of cutaneous wounds and in the improvement of the respiratory function. These functions make the anavar steroid profile a good choice for boxers as well as martial arts competitors.

The anavar steroid profile derives its profile from the compound whose generic name is Oxandrolone SPA produced by the SPA company in Milan, Italy. The steroid is the only known original steroid available in all of Europe that contains the oxandrolone substance and it is anabolic. In a box of the oral indication steroid, there are thirty tablets having a single push-through strip of thirty tablets. The oxandrolone is known as a weak steroid containing a very small amount of androgenic constituent. Studies have confirmed that when Oxandrolone is taken in considerable amount rarely shows any side effects. This is an important feature of the Oxandrolone since it was developed primarily for women as well as children.

The anavar together with its constituent oxandrolone is just a little toxic and often show very minute side effects. A lot of athletes use it for a very long period of time   but it is advisable not to take the steroid for many consecutive months as it can become toxic to the liver. Depending on the goal of the user, the oxandrolone is a remedy for all purpose athletic use because it is versatile.





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